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Patient Testimonials

I am glad to pay tribute to Dr. Kevin O’Flaherty as an excellent and thoroughly competent (as well as delightful) provider of acoustic help. I was referred to him by a deaf close friend who after suffering an unsatisfactory experience with (as she put it) "a drawer full of hearing aids" came to Dr. O’Flaherty and has happily remained with him ever since. I am forever grateful to my friend and to Dr. O’Flaherty, as I have found him always helpful, patient and welcoming. He is not only knowledgeable but always ready to offer new suggestions of helpful ways to increase my ability to hear (I have lost 80% of my hearing in my left ear). When the New York Times published a front page story about a new "loop" system with which hearing aids could connect when it is installed in public places like post offices, banks, subways, restaurants and even the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Dr. O’Flaherty related that this system has long been used with excellent results in Europe and even in the American West where he had experienced it. The hearing aids he had provided me could already be connected to this "loop", and as it becomes more available, I would have a much more satisfying hearing experience as ambient background noise is screened out. Let us hope that more deaf and hard of hearing New Yorkers will soon be able to try out this wonderful new system. I am most grateful to Dr. O’Flaherty and happy to recommend his services! MS
I’ve known Dr. O’Flaherty for many years. I found him in an unusual way. "In-the-canal" hearing aids had just come out and after an unsatisfactory experience at one of New York City’s hospitals, I contacted the manufacturer and asked them to recommend an outstanding audiologist. When they asked for my zip code I refused to give it, as I was willing to travel any distance to see their best audiologist. What a coincidence when they came up with the name of Kevin O’Flaherty at Manhattan Audiological Services-his office was two blocks from my home. It has been a pleasure to work with Dr. O’Flaherty over the years. He has been sensitive to my needs as well as being up on the latest products in the field of audiology/hearing aids. I have given his name to many friends, colleagues and relatives, and they too have found satisfaction. LF